The Secret Land – The People Before


The current perception New Zealand’s settlement is that the first voyagers arrived between 600-700 years ago. New investigations now challenge that accepted history.

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For thousands of years different peoples have been drawn to the islands of the South Pacific. Wave after wave of settlers bringing their culture to those waters. The current perception of the settlement of New Zealand is that the first voyagers arrived between six and seven hundred years ago. This theory is now under threat. New investigations now challenge the accepted history.

The information contained within this book is drawn from lost or discarded archival material, a storehouse of old lore, scientific understandings and previous observations worthy of reappraisal by open minds.

“Dynamic first book in a trilogy…the prehistory of New Zealand is far richer than the mainstream version concedes.”  – Nexus Magazine

“May not have all of the answers…but provides enough evidence to leave little doubt that New Zealand’s human history goes back thousands, not hundreds of years.” – Investigate