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Ways to Open Ourselves to Nature

As part of his “Winter Ramblings” Gary says that it is the TIME TO REMEMBER. Who we are, Why we are, Where we are……… As the Solstice approaches it is important that we take a lesson from the winter garden that is now in repose, that we seek our own moments of repose to separate ourselves…

22 Infinite Possibilities

An overview of the Zero Point Field and the topic of Infinite Possibilities The story you are about to read is my endeavour to bring to you an overview of the Zero Point Field and the topic of Infinite Possibilities and how they are applied to my research work. With the restrictions of space, I…

Webinar Gary Cook, Spirit Walker

Four Part WEBINAR Series with SpiritWalker

Gary has been gifted the name of “SpiritWalker” as a recognition of his journey during a “near death” experience in 1973 that enabled his gifts of insight, intuition and spirit travel to develop. Find out more about these 4 indepth webinars & BOOK NOW!! Webinar ONE – Fire theme Will include: Welcome, Karakia and brief…

Voices of the Forest DVD on Fairies in new Zealand by Gary Cook

Official trailer for the “Voices in the Forest”, DVD

Have a look at the official trailer for “Voices of the Forest” DVD on fairy folk in New Zealand. “Voices of the Forest” is a new documentary from sacred sites Archaeologist Gary Cook who wanted to find out whether the faery folk beings are physical or whether they live in another dimension. Maori folklore speaks of…

Gary Cook on MysticMedia Francesco

Check out this interview with Gary Cook.

Gary Cook NZ History at Castle Hill

We all live in a Continuous Field, an energetic influence

It is the ninth day of January and the weather has broken following a twelve-day period of fine and warm days and nights. As I lift my eyes from the page on which I am making these notes, the wind driven rain pours down from the East and wind tossed branches wave in a dance…

Ancient stone walls, NZ

Of Many Journeys and Strange Sites

Various ferret traps marked the climb to the top of Rarewarewa and possum bait stations. We were in a Kiwi restoration reserve, where DOC was carrying out an extensive program to help Kiwi to re-establish. The hill of Rarewarewa is covered by re generating bush and is isolated from the predations of feral cats and…


Early NZ Shipwrecks

Portuguese & Spanish Explorers in New Zealand This is an extract from one of Gary’s articles in the Rainbow News. A number of years ago, a Poutu man was riding on horse back through the sand dunes to the coast when he came to the site of the the killing of the Spanish sailors. Offshore…

Gary Cook - weekly quote

Never Look back

“Never Look back at the darkness of the past. Always face forward to the light of the future.” Gary Cook

Fairy folk (Faery) in the forest, NZ

The Forest Dwellers

There is an often-told story that relates to an early migration to New Zealand. This story, when related, gives rise to little known depths of the history of this land and brings forth the presence of the early comers. These early arrivals were the people of Waitaha, the Peaceful Nation, who arrived on these shores…

Deeper into the Mystery, Book & DVD by Gary Cook

Deeper Into The Mystery, Gary Cook’s latest book

Gary Cook’s extensive journeys and experiences allow him to share much of the deeper nature of the forests, waters and mountains of Aotearoa. This book and DVD set, “Deeper into the Mystery”, offers readers and viewers a deeper insight and uniques glimpses of the sacred landscape of New Zealand. It includes a DVD of the people…

On the Road Again

We are moving very rapidly into the year of 2012, said by some to be the end of a world as we know it, and others who say that humankind will undergo a transition allowing all who are prepared to advance up the spiritual ladder of enlightenment. The feelings I have experienced indicate the process…

Quote from Kathleen McGowan

“And as human beings are ruled by their emotions, opinions, and political and religious affiliations, subsequently all history is comprised of as much opinion as fact and, in many cases, has been entirely fabricated for the furthering of the author’s personal ambitions or secret agenda”. Kathleen McGowan, The Expected One.

To Move Within the Land is to Know the Sacred

Messages from the Earth and the Sky are constantly being set before us all. But oft times we are not looking or listening. The carriers of these messages will appear as the Wind, the Water, the Bird or the traveller we meet on the road that winds through the landscape of our personal journey.

Of Ships and Stones and Stories – January 2010

Within the sites we are examining are the wrecks of a Spanish and a Portuguese ship. Archival research in Europe has, to this date provided us with information from the log books of these early explorers, that tells of ship wrecks in New Zealand, and of the French Dieppe maps that date from 1550. This tells us that French, Spanish and Portuguese explorers reached, and mapped, these shore well ahead of Tasman and Cook.