On the Road Again

We are moving very rapidly into the year of 2012, said by some to be the end of a world as we know it, and others who say that humankind will undergo a transition allowing all who are prepared to advance up the spiritual ladder of enlightenment.

The feelings I have experienced indicate the process of “moving further into the spiritual realms”, has most probably been going on for each and every one of us from the day we were born. I cannot see a great “collective event” at the end of this year will allow any of us to move more quickly, or slowly, on the path of our chosen destiny.

Live in the moment, in the now, this is all that any of us can do with any surety. We are all tested at times throughout this life span, and we very quickly learn to pick ourselves up from the tumbles and falls that we take. Focus on all that is good. Do not be drawn into the drama of the wider world. We can support those who seek to find a way through the world of today, bearers of the light, seekers of the truth, carrier’s of the wisdom. Sit with these folk. They are easy to find as they are like a beacon in the dark, a lighthouse that can assist us all to find our way through these times of consternation and doubt. Seek and you shall find. Arohanui