Deeper Into The Mystery, Gary Cook’s latest book

Deeper into the Mystery, Book & DVD by Gary Cook

Gary Cook’s extensive journeys and experiences allow him to share much of the deeper nature of the forests, waters and mountains of Aotearoa. This book and DVD set, “Deeper into the Mystery”, offers readers and viewers a deeper insight and uniques glimpses of the sacred landscape of New Zealand. It includes a DVD of the people…

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On the Road Again

We are moving very rapidly into the year of 2012, said by some to be the end of a world as we know it, and others who say that humankind will undergo a transition allowing all who are prepared to advance up the spiritual ladder of enlightenment. The feelings I have experienced indicate the process…

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To Move Within the Land is to Know the Sacred

Messages from the Earth and the Sky are constantly being set before us all. But oft times we are not looking or listening. The carriers of these messages will appear as the Wind, the Water, the Bird or the traveller we meet on the road that winds through the landscape of our personal journey. Safety…

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