To Move Within the Land is to Know the Sacred

Messages from the Earth and the Sky are constantly being set before us all. But oft times we are not looking or listening. The carriers of these messages will appear as the Wind, the Water, the Bird or the traveller we meet on the road that winds through the landscape of our personal journey.

Safety and Sanctity in the Sacred

I write this piece sitting in the Kohanga at Castle Hill in the South Island. A place of great significance to the first-comers to this land. The ancient Marae sits in the Nest under the ever watchful eye of Marotini. the Kumara Goddess. And overlooking all in this wondrous place, is the Birth Place of the Gods. This is a name that inspires the mind to query and the spirit to soar as high as the surrounding peaks, then on and upward flowing through the clouds, to reach even unto the furthermost stars beyond human sight and understanding. We have, as individuals, a prime purpose during our sojourn on this beautiful planet. And to achieve individual purpose and completion, one must seek outwardly to understand that which resides deep inside. And to this end we long to surround ourselves with beautiful things or go to beautiful places. For those that seek places of peace and serenity, there is to be found an outer reflection of the inner beauty that is within each and every one of us. To walk on the seashore; to sit by a clear running stream; to touch the trunk of an ancient tree; to listen to the wisdom within the stone; to feel the spirit of an unexpected breath of wind. These are the external wonders that are ours, but for the taking.

Thus do we Travel and Search

But within the taking we must always give in return. This is why we should acknowledge the wonder and the blessings that surround us with a prayer of thanks and understanding.

Because we are so connected in every way through the Zero Point Field, our spoken, and indeed the unspoken words, have great import and meaning at these subtle levels.

So, with these thoughts flowing through my mind I left the comfort of the Kohanga to walk to the top ridge, to the place of the Star Walkers, the Navigators. My journey on this day was truly one of wonder and revelation. I will now offer you, the reader, some insight into the journey you may well take on the same trail. One leaves the Marae by a path to the west and travels down along the fence line for perhaps a kilometre. When you come to the small stream that flows across your path, this is your final opportunity to fill a small container, not for drinking, but for the purpose of an offering to the various stones you will sit with. Further along the fence line you will come to a gate that will take you onto the DOC reserve. In line with this entrance you will see a line of stones set alongside the steep path. You are now, about to enter on the next stage of a personal journey, that for some will be steep and slow. Others will certainly not huff and puff as much as I do. Your personal pilgrimage to this special place would have commenced from the time you made a decision to take this journey. The planning, the travel from near or far is a very important lead up to walking the stones. When on the road, one should be open to all that happens around and near you.

The Greeting Stone

Your first stone is one of great import and standing, for this is the Greeting Stone, a place where you may introduce yourself and declare your intention. But first, sprinkle a little water on the stone. And if it is your wish, you may extend a greeting to acknowledge the ancestors who walked the very trail on which you now stand. And at this time you can seek permission to walk this Path. Within the asking comes the permission. This is a courtesy to all who have gone before. For with this declaration comes the reality of where you are and what you are really doing. These words whilst acknowledging the past, will move before you into the future. Time becomes irrelevant on this journey.

You are about to embark on a short walk of immense proportions. The physical body will only travel a short distance. The spirit will travel far and wide.

The stones represent a symbolic Pilgrims Way

You are taking the first step on a journey that will be both without and within. As you gaze at the path ahead, you will see the stones that represent a symbolic Pilgrims Way, and as markers offer you a way-station at which to rest and express more of your innermost feelings.

If you are travelling alone, you are not alone. If you are part of a group. a time should be allowed for a moment of quite meditation.
You will find that each of the five stations provide a different energy, thus allowing for a great number of process’s to take place.

The stone will offer a sounding board. But, be wary with your talk as the words put into place will flow freely within the Field, and therefore travel far and wide. The overriding purpose of this Pilgrimage could well be to allow you to express thoughts and dreams, love and blessings. You will find that fear and negativity will diminish, to be replaced with much that is uplifting. This will come to you in a subtle way.

This journey is for your personal enhancement

This journey is for your personal enhancement, to bring clarity of purpose, to strengthen your resolve. The five stations will bring us to a sixth and seventh stone. You are now approaching the beginning of the top ridge. You may find that at these stones your journey could become less about self and more about the human family and the environment in which we all live.

The distance between these stones is not fixed, as is much on the top ridge. Time and distance may become distorted in a comfortable way. Thus the sixth and seventh stones are there but not in standalone position.

This is where you make the choice of the two final markers. They will talk to you. And after spending many wonderful moments in this space, you can now make your way to the east along the top ridge. As you make your own path through the tall mountain grasses, you will come to many groups of stones and imposing features. Sit before an alter in a gigantic open roofed cathedral. Sing or chant or pray, and the walls will join with a chorus of reflected sound. Walk through ancient open classrooms where in times gone by wisdom keepers sat with the most promising of all the young people from throughout the land. The mountains surrounding this most blessed place cocoon the valley of the Nest of the ancient people.

Marotini, the Kumara Goddess

In the distance you will see a monumental structure shaped in place by ancient people to acknowledge Marotini, the Kumara Goddess. The pull of this single giant stone is so great that you have little understanding of the sheer size and beauty of this monument until you draw close. One often feels very strong emotion when you realise the strength of the spirit that is bound by love and honour within the stone. She dominates the valley landscape with majesty, providing all who travel the main highway the chance to view and ancient work of art. But for all of that, so many travellers do not acknowledge her. We can make up for that. So, when we come around to checking the attitude of the sun, or our watches, do not be amazed at how much time has passed. When the time comes to make your way back along the ridge you will come to a stone standing alone, to the left, that displays a circular opening.

A gift of water

On this, my most recent visit I offered a blessing to this stone to acknowledge the little grotto within. The water I carried on this occasion was taken from the Tears of Christ given into my care by a Seer and Wise Man on my recent visit to Golden Bay. I had sat spellbound as this great magician told me of the vision he had of a weeping Jesus Christ. He sat in wonder at the appearance and was overwhelmed by the amount of tears shed by the vision. He than reached for a bible to seek an explanation. Being a man of great courage and conviction he opened a page at random. His finger pointed to a verse in Thomas where he saw that the frost that fell on the ground in the winter was the breath of God. He immediately hurried outside into the garden, making his way over the frosty ground to the place of the medicine wheel. There he found that the special herbs and plants within the wheel were covered in a very heavy frost. He took a container and commenced to collect the frost and the icicles.

From the vision came the reading, then came the frost. His deep understanding and belief supports the fact that the waters thus gathered are indeed very potent for healing the ills of the body and the mind.

Mindful of the vows I took when I was accepted as a full Knights Templar in the Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem I perceived that it was my duty to find special places or people who would benefit from the Tears. So my journey, and that of my travel companion Raywyn has been an oddessey around the South Island. We have encountered many folk, some old friends and many new friends. We have received and gifted much on our journey, travelling with no timetable and long distant destination. We have sat with a Tibetan Buddhist monk, walked the mountains and rivers with many wise people. Been among the first to visit a massive stone that had travelled from the Arahura River to be placed within a powerful energy site dowsed by Hamish Miller on a recent visit.

There is magic in the air, and it permeates everything we do and see

There is magic in the air, and it permeates everything we do and see. The vows of a modern-day Knight are very much to administer to the sick and needy, to offer protection to pilgrims and to do works of honour and integrity. Thus a purpose can be served for the good of all people.
In suggesting you make this journey to the Mountains of the south Island, it may well be there is another, more comfortable journey that you know should be taken to one of the special places that abound throughout this landscape. And if all these possibilities elude you, take a journey with the mind alone. Bring out the photo album, find pictures of places that are of special significance and focus your attention on the memory you retain of that visit. And on future journeys carry some water from a fresh, running source with which you may offer a few drops to the stones and the trees at the places you visit. Any place that you acknowledge in this manner will then respond to the sincerity of your purpose. We are all part of, and connected to, everything that lives and breaths, sits and flows in this land. It is an easy shift to open ourselves to the potential within, by acknowledging that which resides on the outer. Each new day brings a new set of challenges, Often we are so engrossed in the ordinary and the mundane, we lose sight of who we really are. We know how to live in this world, and why we are here. But for all of this, it is so easy to misplace our focus. So be of good heart and plan a personal pilgrimage. Or even better, bring together a group to quest for that which will enli- ven the personal journey. Travel well, and be well for we are always walking within the sacred.

Sir Gary Cook DSc. PhD. KtJ KGCStA.KCStV. KtJ.
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