Music from the Forest

Gary is collecting music from some of our New Zealand trees which are now available as CDs or MP3.

Music of the Kawakawa Tree

Gary Cook & the Secret Land

Gary Cook is a leading writer on the special nature of the mystic realms that are to be found in New Zealand and the South Pacific and leader of The Secret Land project. An explorer of ancient sacred places and energy sites in the unique New Zealand landscape, Gary has devoted many years of searching and writing of the wonders to be found within the islands of New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Research by the Secret Land Project has revealed much of the 4000 year history of New Zealand and the early-comers to this land. Findings of the deeper history are not, at this stage, acknowledged by mainstream thought and academics. This land abounds in ancient wisdom and reveals much that has been lost, but not forgotten.

His extensive journeys and experiences allows Gary to share much of the deeper nature of the forests, the waters and the mountains enabling us all to connect with the natural order in a deeper and more meaningful way.

The author of two books in The Secret Land series, Gary is a regular contributer to Australian and New Zealand magazines offering readers unique glimpses of the sacred landscape of Aotearoa. He holds an honorary Doctorate of Science.

Gary Cook "The Beat Goes On"

Voices in the Forest, DVD

New documentary from sacred sites Archaeologist Gary Cook who wanted to find out whether the faery folk beings are physical or whether they live in another dimension.

Maori folklore speaks of the ‘Turehu’ or ‘Patupaiarehe: a small faery folk, 3 to 4 foot tall. Often fair haired or occasionally witnessed with red hair and with green or blue eyes and pale skin. He engaged a camera crew and went into the bush to find out.

Koha / Donate

Koha is in keeping with an ancient tradition of honouring your host with a gift. An offering so tendered establishs an eternal bond in the giving and receiving. Relationships are established, and treasured moments are remembered. Arohanui