22 Infinite Possibilities

An overview of the Zero Point Field and the topic of Infinite Possibilities

The story you are about to read is my endeavour to bring to you an overview of the Zero Point Field and the topic of Infinite Possibilities and how they are applied to my research work.

With the restrictions of space, I can only present an overview of a subject that is so vast and all encompassing .
The Zero Point Field, simply The Field, has been bought to the forefront and written in the language of the lay reader by researcher Lynne McTaggart in her book ”The Field”. This work provides an insight into the mysteries of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, and how the science relates, and indeed reveals much of the true nature of the human being and the faculties contained within the human body at a cellular level. We are all endowed with the most incredible natural God given abilities, much of which is not yet understood or acknowledged. Indeed, we virtually stumble through our daily rounds without realising that every thought and every action has an immediate reaction on our surroundings, let alone the reaction that is felt with in every other living cell of all life on this planet.

This is indeed a quantum leap in faith and understanding. But here is to be found the very essence of whom and what we really are. We are composed of parts of the whole. We are convincingly connected with everything, the past, the present and the future.

What the Bleep Do we (k)now!?

The release of the film “What the Bleep Do we (k)now!?” has reached a great number of people with an incredible message. This film takes you on a mind bending voyage through the worlds of science and spirituality as revealed by Quantum Physic experts. Your perception of reality is turned inside out and the meaning of life becomes clear.
It is an easy reach for everybody. We just have to stop and think, and take action. And within this action we can easily experience all that is truly ours by right.

Sharman, Tohunga, Mystics, Rishis and Munis have always held the keys to realms that are both mysterious, and in most cases, unobtainable to the masses. These realms have never really been denied to us, it is just that we have not been looking. We have never been disconnected, it is just that we have never bothered. That is about to change for a great number of people.

The reductive world view of those in positions of power and influence was further enhanced by organised religion and modern science. We no longer have to live in a perceived isolation and separation. We no longer have to deny intuition that allows us the moment when we can reach out and live in the universal knowledge of the Field. As humans, we exist in and are totally immersed in a sea of powerful energies, through which we are connected to the Field that totally encompasses each and everyone of us.

I would now like to quote from “The Secret Land 2: Journeys into the Mystery”.

“……. and as we three stood on the crest of the 20 meter high sand dune, a mist appeared, flowing down the hill to the east, enveloping the old Poutu lighthouse. Like flowing water, the mist fell to the small valley floor below us.”

“…….then we saw two shapes moving ahead of the flow. Thinking that they were others from our camp site, we flashed our powerful torches in their direction to guide them up the steep face of the dune. The mist gathered at the base of the dune and the figures commenced the climb through the heavy dragging sand. Again, I played the beam of the torch over and onto the figures. They vanished and did not show in the light. When I flicked the torch off they reappeared. Everything was happening very quickly. Indeed, the two shapes seemed to float up the rise. Then the Waitaha Ta Whito Kaumatua said that he knew who and what they were, and walked down the slope until they were face to face. Then followed a time of talk, and as the elder turned to rejoin us, the two figures just simply vanished”.

This event took place when our intention was focussed on the Heavens as we watched for the sun rise and the signs that would provide us with the information that we sought. We were told that confirmation of our quest had been given by the two beings that had appeared. They had responded to our intention to discover information that would enable us to pinpoint the site of an ancient Waitaha Village.

Parallel Universes and enhanced perceptions go part of the way to explaining many strange happenings

It is only now, many years after , that I have found a rational explanation for that event. Parallel Universes and enhanced perceptions go part of the way to explaining many strange happenings.

Over the years that I have travelled too and explored many ancient sites in New Zealand and overseas, I have often been in the company of folk who have crossed the divide between knowing and not knowing.

Terms and names have been given to those who have realised their God given gifts of clairvoyance, psychometry, healing, remote viewing, dowsing, extra sensory perception, second sight and channelling.

I have often had the pleasure, and support, in my work, of many folk who have talents that have helped me to gain further insight into the early people I have been researching.

Distant map reading by dowsers have often helped to pinpoint a location in hilly and scrub covered terrain. I have always been in wonder at the ease with which clairvoyants can readily see past events and people at places where the untrained see only that which is there in the present moment and not visible to the eye.

To stand alongside and listen as they give an in depth description of what and whom they are seeing is a wonder. Often such people are directly approached by these folk from this other level and a conversation is held. Sometimes there is only a glance of recognition as these people from the whenever go about their business. One lady I hold in high regard told me that whether these events are from the past, the present or the future, they all become Now. The timing for these connections is so precise, there is no room to “muck about”. She says that you have to be totally focused on the moment, which has only come about because of your serious intent.

Remote viewing has provided us with information from places that are not readily accessible. This talent has allowed us to peer into caves and valleys, and even to obtain descriptions of cave drawing and many artefacts.

The skill of reading records of the past within objects that have been handled by hand has often revealed a time line and dates of major events. Psychometry can also bring out the heart wrenching stories of calamity and death.
Dowsing is often employed in the field to give directions to objects out of sight range.

A recent foray to find a hilltop tunnel north of Dargaville looked like a hard slog through steep bush covered terrain. A description from the person who first saw the tunnel 12 years ago turned out to be rather vague, as certain features in the surrounding landscape had changed. A looped wire and a set of dowsing rods soon gave us a direction that bought us to the place we were seeking.

The dowsing that has been carried out by Hamish Miller over the past three years has produced some amazing results on ley lines and cross over points. I have been inclined to call these lines energy flows and the crossovers, energy points.
During a recent conversation with a Quantum Physicist, it was pointed out that the lines are information flows, and the crossovers information hubs. This then, may go a little way to explaining the purpose of these places as found by Hamish Miller.

Now, if the lines are flows of information, where is the information going too and where is it coming from? This is where the Zero Point Field may provide the answer. Physicists are saying that the human brain is not the repository of human memory, but rather the antenna and receiver of memory and impressions that are stored within the Field. We actually bring the information in as and when the person demands. This obviously happens in a mini-second. Now, the question I am posing, are the information flows that criss-cross the whole of the planet at deep subterranean levels, sub surface levels and atmospheric levels the means by which the personal memory we need to bring forth are transmitted? If this is so, the human brain may be no more than a chemically driven collection of millions of cells that does little more than offer a facility to receive and transmit information and provide holographic images of what we are viewing through our eyes.
This is a lot to ponder upon.

Another personal story I will now share is about the time that I had a near fatal reaction to the sting of a bee. From the moment I lost consciousness, and as my energy field slipped away, to when I was resuscitated by a doctor there was a time lapse of about 15 minutes. And in that measurable time I travelled far through an ever curving tunnel of bright rainbow lights and sounds, the like of which I had never heard before, and have never heard since. The feeling I had on this unplanned journey was one of great peace, tranquility and a knowing I was on my way to where I belonged and to where I should be. Gone were all thoughts of my wife and children, and indeed anything to do with the world that I was obviously leaving. It was to be a homecoming and a release. Then I was pulled abruptly back. I heard a voice, that of the doctor, saying I think we have got him, I think he is coming back. No matter how loudly I denied the sudden change in my journey, I came back into a body that was to be sick and tired for many days thereafter.

But, this one singular event forever shaped the way that I look at the world, the people and the events that occur. They are all very unreal, just a projection that creates the illusion that this is all it is. Now, Quantum Physics provides an answer as to why this all is. How do we know we are out there, when we are out there?

My search to find the truth behind the prehistory of New Zealand has brought me into contact with some amazing people. But on analysis, this journey has allowed me to further explore the one true journey, that of the inner road. There have been many lessons to learn, to help me to overcome the denial that I am not a capable and worthy person to bring the greater story to the fore. I have learned much from the wisdom of the ancestors and the wisdom keepers of today. All that I have shared with you over the past 8 years has been a reflection of the love I have for all sentient beings and for the God that resides within all.

To experience the Field is experiential. The opportunity is open to all. The only reservation would be an individual reluctance to acknowledge that they do not know it all, and why should they bother. But for those who have no reluctance, nothing is impossible and everything that you needed to know is as close as your physical fingertips. And even, if in the darkness you cannot see your fingertips, you have but to feel them with all of the other senses you have at your disposal. You can even reach out and touch the fingertips of every other person in the world, in the past, the present, the future and, more importantly the (k)now. I would like to have contact with folk who would be interested in providing a local venue and a group to speak with, to share the wonder of what is unfolding. Drop me a line.