Four Part WEBINAR Series with SpiritWalker

Webinar Gary Cook, Spirit Walker

Gary has been gifted the name of “SpiritWalker” as a recognition of his journey during a “near death” experience in 1973 that enabled his gifts of insight, intuition and spirit travel to develop. Find out more about these 4 indepth webinars & BOOK NOW!! Webinar ONE – Fire theme Will include: Welcome, Karakia and brief…

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Official trailer for the “Voices in the Forest”, DVD

Voices of the Forest DVD on Fairies in new Zealand by Gary Cook

Have a look at the official trailer for “Voices of the Forest” DVD on fairy folk in New Zealand. “Voices of the Forest” is a new documentary from sacred sites Archaeologist Gary Cook who wanted to find out whether the faery folk beings are physical or whether they live in another dimension. Maori folklore speaks of…

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The Forest Dwellers

Fairy folk (Faery) in the forest, NZ

There is an often-told story that relates to an early migration to New Zealand. This story, when related, gives rise to little known depths of the history of this land and brings forth the presence of the early comers. These early arrivals were the people of Waitaha, the Peaceful Nation, who arrived on these shores…

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