Four Part WEBINAR Series with SpiritWalker

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Webinar, Spirt Walker with Gary Cook

Gary has been gifted the name of “SpiritWalker” as a recognition of his journey during a “near death” experience in 1973 that enabled his gifts of insight, intuition and spirit travel to develop.

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Webinar ONE – Fire theme

Will include:

  • Welcome, Karakia and brief overview of Gary Cook and why we are here today.
  • Talk of our own ancestors and how to relate to them, to honor them.
  • Creation story from Aotearoa.
  • The Fire within.

Webinar TWO – WATER theme

Will include:

  • Welcome. Karakia
  • Ley lines
  • Dowsing
  • Connecting to the waters within and the waters without.
  • To explore the sacred within you own country. Old sites sacred to the first-comers. Later sites recently discovered.

Webinar THREE – EARTH theme

Will include:

  • Welcome. Karakia
  • Pounamu, Greenstone, The Sacred Stone of Peace
  • Creative visualisation of guardians.
  • To connect with the plants.

Webinar FOUR – AIR theme.

Will include:

  • Welcome. Karakia
  • Papatuanuku chant.
  • Connecting with elementals and Faery

DATE: 6 November 2013 Time: 7pm Investment: $20
Find out more about these 4 indepth webinars & BOOK NOW!!

Books, DVDs & Products

  • Voices of the Forest DVD on Fairies in new Zealand by Gary Cook

    Voices in the Forest
  • Deeper into the Mystery
  • Kete of Pounamu
  • The People Before
  • Journey into the Mystery
  • Journey Notebook
  • Pounamu pendant or jade pendulum

    Pounamu Pendulum
  • Who was here before us?

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